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About OzFax

About OzFax

OzFax was founded to provide highly accurate fax broadcasting services in Australia. There’s no fuss involved in our fax blast services. We manage the entire campaign for you.

We simply put your company in touch with more than a million potential buyers.

OzFax was founded by people with more than 25 years expertise in developing and providing fax and database services around the world.

We can assist with your campaign in many ways and not just in providing a fax broadcast. We also provide advice and assistance in how to target your message, as well as creative input and even artwork design services.

We’d be more than happy to have a 1 on 1 discussion with you to work out the best way fax marketing can work for your business.

At OzFax we believe that fax broadcasting is the most effective and cost efficient way to target a buying audience.

Consider The Advantages of Fax Marketing

  • Fax Marketing is cheap and a fraction of the cost of a stamp, envelope and mail stuffing.
  • You only pay for successful deliveries. The post office don’t give you the same service.
  • It’s an extremely fast delivery service and can be throttled to send more or less messages depending on the response you are getting.
  • The cost of the fax number database is included in the fax broadcast price from OzFax.
  • Many other forms of marketing require that you purchase expensive data lists for as much as $1 a record or even MORE.
  • Fax Broadcast is a fraction of the cost of a normal local telephone call
  • A marketing fax will generally get more “EYE” time than an e-mail – especially if well presented
  • A fax generally goes directly into hardcopy and can easily be re-distributed to interested parties
  • Fax broadcast is legal, affordable and fast. You can have your message delivered the same day to any number of recipients.
  • Fax Broadcast can be selected by Postcode or Regionand also by the Fax Broadcast Industry Lists or a combination of any of these.
  • OzFax’s Fax Broadcasting solutions are provided for all businesses to get your message out to the widest audience, in the shortest time, at a budget to suit you. Whether you want to target individual postcodes, regions or industry sectors, OzFax can supply the data and broadcast your fax effortlessly.
  • OzFax has access to more than 1.7 million Australian and New Zealand  business fax records that you can send to. We can assist with artwork and campaign management, at a very affordable cost (Typically at a fraction of the amount it would cost to run a telesales campaign or direct postal marketing)

How Does It Work ?

Simply contact us for a quote, send us the document you wish to broadcast and we do the rest.

Remember you will only pay for successful deliveries at the page rate you are quoted. Your broadcast can be scheduled hours or days in advance. There’s no set-up fees, or hidden charges, you only pay for physical messages delivered.