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Why is Fax Broadcasting A Great Alternative To Telesales?

Why is Fax Broadcasting A Great Alternative To Telesales?

The effectiveness of Fax Broadcasting has not declined over the years. Now that there are better technology resources, Fax Broadcasting is easier than ever. With this type of advertising, your business will be able to offer consumers valuable information about your products and services.

Fax Broadcasting:

At one time, Fax Broadcasting was a time consuming form of marketing. A marketer would have to stand at the fax machine, dial a business number, and wait for the message to be sent before trying the next number. Now that fax advertising is automated through a computer system, this method has increased substantially in value.

Now let’s compare that to Telesales.


Telesales requires a lot of personnel and is very a time consuming marketing method that leads to less than effective results. Employees have a difficult time getting through by phone because many people ignore calls from numbers they do not recognize. Should they happen to get through, they are often met with agitated individuals who quickly end the call before they hear what the company has to offer.


How does telesales stand up to fax marketing?

Time Versus Money

Assuming a telesales worker can work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, that equates to only 2100 minutes of work time. If the worker is exceptional and makes on average one call every 5 minutes, then that’s only 420 calls a day. Even then, only a small percentage of these will hit their mark.

The typical cost would be a minimum of $15 an hour, plus around 20c for the cost of the phone call, which over the cost of a month comes to a whopping $4347 a month (based on 23 working days)

Over the same duration, you could be reaching 40,000 to 50,000 people by fax and have your staff only working on responding to qualified leads.

Advantages Of Fax Broadcasting:

Fax Broadcasting is much more effective than telesales, for a number of reasons:

  • Time: Using the assistance of a fax machine to spread your business advertisements is far less time consuming than telesales. Information can be quickly and easily spread to hundreds, thousands or even millions of businesses via fax. Telesales requires an employee to talk directly to a potential consumer one at a time.
  • Staff: Mass Fax Broadcasting can be achieved by one individual versus the brute force method that is required in telesales. Your company can outsource Fax Broadcasting to a business that will efficiently handle your campaign.
  • Cost: With less staff and time involved in Fax Broadcasting, the salaries alone save a substantial amount on marketing. This allows businesses that handle fax campaigns for companies such as yours to be able to charge a low fee per transmission. The cost is minimal to reach hundreds of businesses and homes with your valuable company information.
  • Accepted: A fax is much more effective in reaching a business than telesales. These transmissions are sent directly to a machine that will print the material. As a potential customer removes the fax from the machine, they will have to read the information before deciding what needs to be done with the fax. Your information will most certainly be received and a hard copy is less easy to ignore than a phone call.

Fax Broadcasting will take your marketing concept and reach many potential consumers in a short period of time. Even if you have captivating ad slogans and valuable services, if your information does not reach the hands of the people who will benefit most from your business, your marketing efforts will be in vain. With a fax campaign, you can be certain that your information will be received by the individuals that need your services the most.

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