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How To Dress For Success In Business

Businessman well dressed and successful

How To Dress For Success.

The way we present ourselves to the world around us directly affects the things that come bumbling into our lives, including things like money, good jobs, promotions etc. Like attracts like, remember? This whole thing is magnified when it comes to personal success in relationships as well as the professional world.

Above the Neck

This goes for both the guys and the girls: put some effort into it! There’s no reason to shoot for a hardcore Hollywoodesque look, but you need to put forth an effort. Trim those bushy eyebrows, wax that upper lip, shave, and apply your makeup with a delicate stroke. Obviously it’s a fine line between overdone and just right, but as long as you aren’t trying to be something you’re not, then it’s typically going to go over well.


Don’t shoot for bling because it’s downright cliché and not too many people can pull it off. Again, think conservative with some personality. Necklace, earrings, sunglasses, and all those other nifty things we adorn our heads with can be effective when applied with some humility and the genuine desire to express ourselves professionally.

From Neck to Waist

Ok, so we live in a fast-paced world where trends come and go quicker than your paychecks. But, if you step back a little bit you’ll see that style these days is actually rather forgiving relative to what’s laid siege to humanity in the past.

  • Think conservative with personality. Take some church-wear, dress it down a little bit and then add something that screams “this is my style.”

It’s not as much about making a statement as it is about standing out. The traditional pre-collapse standard has gotten a bad rap, and no one wants to disappear in a lake of trendy (consumer-based) branding, dry monotonous looking dresses/skirts, or suits.


This is pretty much summed up by two things for men, a belt and some cuff links. Belts are important, and cuff links will never ever stop looking sharp. For ladies it can be the same thing, but in reality there’s far more leeway for expression here. Keep it conservative and mature, but make sure there’s a little you in there.

Waist to Ankles

Dress for the occasion, remember? And, try not to clash. It’s about blending extremely like Picasso would if he went with clothing design rather than painting as his forte. Guys, what’s wrong with a nice jacket and undershirt and some good looking jeans? Ladies, never ever underestimate the power of “if you got it flaunt it.” No one said you have to look like a two-bit…but when choosing when goes below the waist, try your best to compliment what you’re rollin’ with.


Whoever said no one looks at shoes was a complete and utter liar. Regardless if they do or not, the shoes we wear on our feet have a bearing on our stylish state of mind. These days it’s ok to wear neon jogging shoes with just about anything, so that should speak volumes for the amount of wiggle room we’re talking about here. Just make sure that they’re clean, and like your face, you put some effort into keeping them in top notch shape.

Dressing for success doesn’t have to feel like ascending Mt. Raineer naked. Actually through the use of thrift stores and second hand shops, along with cherry picking the more name brand-type stuff, anyone can have a mature professional look that attracts success.

Just remember to put some effort into how your face beams into the world around you, pay attention to the power of accessories, add some zing to more conservative looks, and for you ladies, make sure to accentuate and work with your curves not against them.

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